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A Universal Spelling and
Grammar Correction Tool

In today's digital communication landscape, the precision and clarity of written language are of utmost importance. Recognizing this essential need, the client approached Requestum with an idea to develop a spelling and grammar correction tool, designed to adhere to the standards of English and French languages.

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Spell checker


The tool was envisioned as a robust and effective grammar and spell checker, crafted to tackle various linguistic and syntax errors. Beyond mere correction, it was supposed to provide comprehensive explanations, thereby empowering users to refine their writing skills. This approach ensures the correction of immediate errors and fosters a learning experience.


At the onset of our collaboration, we pinpointed the essential challenges that needed to be addressed

Natural language processing (NLP) implementation

Natural language processing (NLP) implementation

Developing a system capable of integrating complex NLP functionalities for grammar and spell checking.

User interface and user experience (UX) design

User interface and user experience (UX) design

Crafting an intuitive and engaging UI/UX.

Cross-platform consistency

Cross-platform consistency

Achieving a uniform application experience across both iOS and Android devices.

Integration with native features

Integration with native features

Enhancing the application's functionality and user experience by leveraging native features.

Performance optimization

Performance optimization

Ensuring the application's smooth operation across devices with diverse hardware specifications.

Regular updates and maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance

Maintaining the application's relevance by updating it with the latest language rules, words, and usage trends, alongside ensuring compatibility with new OS versions and devices.

By identifying and prioritizing these challenges,
we laid a solid foundation for our efforts, ensuring
a focused and strategic approach throughout
the development process.


To address the outlined challenges, we created a writing enhancement tool designed to improve the typing experience for users. We focused on seamlessly integrating Scribens across user-preferred platforms, making advanced grammar and spelling correction accessible without impacting device performance.

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A critical part of our strategy was ensuring a uniform experience for Scribens users across both iOS and Android devices. We make it seamlessly integrated into users’ applications, providing real-time correction in SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Notes, Outlook, Gmail, Internet browsers, and more.


For web users, Scribens can be effortlessly integrated into numerous platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, forums, and blogs. It can also be used as an extension for Microsoft Office applications (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel) and open-source suites (OpenOffice, LibreOffice).



To improve the writing and editing experience, we developed Scribens with a set of powerful features:


Utilizing an advanced syntactical recognition algorithm, Scribens surpasses traditional tools by correcting ten times more errors than Microsoft Word, covering a broad spectrum from simple typos to complex syntactic errors.

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scribens Explanations


A unique feature that sets Scribens apart is its ability to improve users' English and French skills by providing grammar rules and explanations, making it a tool for correction and learning.

scribens Dictionaries


Users have access to extensive dictionaries offering definitions, conjugations, and synonyms, ensuring a richer writing and reading experience.


Integration capabilities allow Scribens to be used across all favorite applications, providing real-time correction and suggestions without disrupting the user workflow.

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scribens Ad-Freen


To ensure a focused and uninterrupted experience, Scribens offers an ad-free environment across the entire site, allowing users to concentrate fully on their writing tasks.


Scribens detects and highlights repetitions and redundancies, suggesting synonyms to enhance the stylistic quality of the text, promoting more engaging and varied writing.

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As a result, we developed feature-rich iOS and Android writing apps, enhancing text correction, translation, rephrasing, synthesis, and readability with minimal impact on performance. The intuitive UI/UX design improves user interaction, while our sophisticated algorithms ensure accurate, efficient functionality across devices. The apps also boast a modular architecture, making them adaptable and future-proof. Now Scribens offers users a comprehensive toolset for refining their writing and editing tasks seamlessly.

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