DIM9000 case study

Our client is DIM9000, a modern management company engaged in the maintenance of real estate objects, particularly apartment buildings and their adjacent territory. Its core value is to ensure a comfortable life for residents.

The company performs the following tasks:

  • Caring and equipping surrounding areas, sports, and children's grounds

  • Organizing timely removal of household waste

  • Cleaning up the places of general use in the house

  • Caring and equipping surrounding areas, sports, and children's grounds

  • Repairing and carrying out the full service of the house

  • Acting as a reliable intermediary between residents, builders, city and public authorities

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After conducting research it was found that residents have lots of trouble appealing to housing maintenance offices as they don't get adequate feedback but have to pay for the services. In contrast, creating the associations of co-owners of the multi-apartment house is more reasonable and credible for consumers. So, our main challenge was to build a simple, clear, transparent, and predictable communication way for residents with the company providing services for real estate.


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For solving these challenges we offered to create an ecosystem of products, namely:

Mobile Residents
Mobile app for residents
Mobile Stuff
Mobile app for staff
CRM system for house dispatchers, managers, and quality control department
dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app


mobile app

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The DIM9000 application is a tool that lets end services consumers interact with a management company and helps to resolve any requests regarding the maintenance of homes, grounds, and other real estate as quickly as possible.

By installing DIM9000, it is possible to:

  • submit applications for all types of work: from landscaping proposals to replacing a flickering lamp;

  • monitor changes in the status of applications and their implementation;

  • check utility bill amounts and form financial requests;

  • manage access of application users for other residents of the apartment;

  • receive notifications about current works and the expected time of their completion;

  • evaluate the quality of work of the master and the company as a whole;

  • analyze monthly reporting;

  • notify the concierge service of your home about the visit of guests or a courier;

  • order additional services


CRM System

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CRM-system is a web application that allows company employees (dispatchers, building managers, quality department, administrators) to perform the following tasks:

  • report the news or send scheduled/emergency messages to users;

  • receive applications for all types of work, receive complaints or questions about real estate maintenance;

  • create tasks for employees to solve users' requests or to perform current company activities;

  • chat with users regarding their requests to clarify details;

  • manage apartments' owners and residents;

dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app
dim9000 mobile-app

tech stack

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docker compose











Angular ~12.1.2

(typescript ~4.3.2 rxjs ~6.6.0)

angular material


Angular Material


react native


React Native

digital ocean


Digital Ocean

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As the result, we have managed to create an ecosystem of products that allows for optimizing the process of communication between end consumers and contractors. This helped to improve the quality of services provided as well as the customer satisfaction level.


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